Designed and decorated very carefully the hotel follows the unique Cycladic style, balancing harmonically between modern and traditional style.

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Tips for a perfect suitcase

1. Choose shoes that fit with many clothes.
2. All clothes you will get should fit between them. This way you are certain to wear everything.
3. Always take with you a light jacket (the evening can be “cool” on the island).
4. Shampoo and all liquids in watertight bags located inside the vanity.
5. Do not skimp underwear and T-shirts. You never know what can happen.
6. As much comfortable they are, avoid jeans or at least take few. They are heavy and consume much space. There are other stylistic options such us chino trousers.
7. Leave some empty space in the suitcase because you will certainly buy something.
A way to pack trousers is to roll them. This way they consume less space.

Things you should not forget:
-Mobile, tablet, cameras and chargers.
-Car/Moto/boat Driving licence.
-Medicine, condoms etc.
-Book, pen, magazines.
-Sun glasses, hats.